The components that make this site tick

The major elements of this site are :-

The content is managed using DotNetNuke Platform

Currently the site is using DNN 7.4.0
  PowerDNN provide the hosting. This site runs on the $20/month 'Personal' service which provides all the essential Microsoft services required to make it go.

The following modules are used to provide specific functionality :-

Analytics   Oliver Hine's Google Analytics Evolved - As Is   Google Analytics Evolved - 08.00.1131           
Announcements   DNNUI News Articles Slider - As Is   News Articles Slider - 01.07.79
Calendar   Uses DNN Events - As Is   DNN Events - 06.01.04
Datagrid   DNN Reports Module   Reports - 05.05.00
Email   Based on a HTMLNewsletter module written in Oz. Upgraded over the years, now supporting DNN6.2.1 and metaPost enabling cross posting to Ventrian News Articles.   Newsletter - 06.00.00
Feedback   Uses DNN Feedback - As Is   DNN Feedback - 06.04.02 beta
Forgotten Username   Based on the Forgotten User code base from SpohnSoftware, upgraded to support DNN 6.x   Forgotten User - 03.01.00
Forum   Uses the DNN Active Forums module - As Is   DNN Active Forums - 05.02.02
Gallery   Ventrian Systems' Simple Gallery Module - As is   Simple Gallery - 02.04.33

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  DNN Reports Module   DNN Reports - 05.00.00
MetaPost   IT Crossing's metaPost Pro for posting from Windows Live Writer and crossposting from HTML Newsletter to Ventrian News Articles - As is   metaPost - 01.03.08
News Articles   Ventrian Systems' News Articles Module - As is   News Articles - 00.07.94
RSS Feed   My own module   RSSFeed - 02.02.00
Store   CATALooK.netStore Pro - As is   CATALook Store - 06.08.08
Weather   Bite The Bullet Weather Module - As is   BTBYahooWeather - 01.07.00