How do I login?
Click here then enter your userid and password, and click 'Login'.

I've forgotten my Password, can I get a reminder?
Click here then enter your userid, and click 'Password Reminder'. Your password will be sent to your email address. If all else fails, mail the webmaster to get it reset.

I've forgotten my userid, can you tell me what it is?
Click here then enter your email address, all userids registered at that email address will be emailed to you. Alternatively mail the webmaster to get a reminder set to you.

I login, but I don't get access to the secure area. What's wrong?
In order for login to work on this site, you must allow Cookies when prompted.You can check whether you are allowing cookies for this site within Microsoft Internet Explorer by:-

  • Selecting Tools/Internet Options from the Menu Bar
  • Then select the Privacy Tab and click Sites.
  • Make sure '' appears in the list with 'Always Allow' next to it.
  • If not, then please add it to the list, or change the setting.

Be aware, that other utilitiies such as Norton Firewall or ZoneAlarm may also block cookies. You will need to refer to your products documentation in order to identify how to allow cookies for these products.

What advantages are there to registering on the web site?
Registration is only available to members of The Diving Club. If you are interested in joining, then you can download a joining form from the link on the Home page. 

To see the benefits of being a member have a look at Home page of this website. It also gives you access to a members area of this website.