Very sadly The Diving Club of Reading has now closed down. The club was in existence for over 25 years, but due to reducing members has stopped working as an active club.

From it’s formation in the early 90’s The Diving Club had welcomed members from all agencies. It was formed by DiveStyle at that time by the then owner and some students.

The aim of the club was to provide a friendly forum in which newly qualified and experienced divers could go diving together and meet socially. We believed the club should enable members to develop their diving in a way that suited them, to compliment the training offered via the various diving agencies.

Since then, the club and DiveStyle have gone their separate ways enabling DiveStyle to focus on student needs, and allowing the club to cater to the demands of it’s members.

In order to support the changing dynamics of the diving industry, the club changed to focus on maintaining a social group that could organise dives on an adhoc basis. Gone were the days of a dive trip every week-end laid on by dive organisers.

To this end we met once a month to catch up with what had been going on, have a drink or two and plan future diving. We met at the Thames Valley SAC club house at Palmer Park.

As affiliate members of TVSAC, The Diving Club members benefited from access to a number of TVSAC facilities, such as air fills (which could be done on a club night) and access to dive spaces (where not filled by RBSAC club members).

The club aimed to run a number of specific events during the year, such as a summer BBQ, Christmas party, guest speakers and a photo competition

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