So long, and thanks for all the fish

The last ever meeting of the club was held on the 4th December, a chance to meet up a reminisce over the good times and look at a few photos from the last 15 years (sorry no photos from before 2003).

It was great to see over 30 (ex)members come along including some we haven’t seen in a while and Eve didn’t an amazing job as ever organising the pub and the food.

There was mention on the night of organising another get together for Christmas next year, so you never know maybe we shall meet again. We also intend to keep the members@ email address running so you can mail the members when organising dives.

Over the years, many, many people have put a huge amount of effort into the running club, so it is with great sadness that I’m writing this last short newsletter. Other posts elsewhere give some of the reasons why the club is shutting down. For me the club was a welcoming place to socialise and be part of a friendly community as our family transitioned from our previous hobby, so I’d like to say thank you to all that played a part in the fun.

Time say ‘so long’ folks, see you again some day, some when.

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