The end of the club is nigh

Over the last 25 years and more, The Diving Club of Reading (& Windsor) has provided a companionable place to meet people and go diving. However all good things come to an end, and so it is with the club.

From its formation in the early 90’s The Diving Club welcomed members from all agencies. It was formed by DiveStyle at that time by the then owner and some students. Through much of its life the club had a very active membership with dive trips organised and underwritten by the club happening almost every week-end throughout the diving season.

At its peak just before the financial crash of 2008, the club numbered over 180 members, but with changes in its relationship with DiveStyle and the general reduction in numbers of divers after the crash, the membership numbers reduced substantially.

The membership of the club reached a level in 2018 where the end was inevitable and it was agreed that as an interim stage the club would exist only as guests of Thames Valley Sub Aqua Club (who have kindly allowed us to use their club house for the last few years).

Leading up to the traditional AGM time for the club in 2019, it was been agreed by the caretaker committee and past committee members that the club should be closed down and funds handed over to charity.

The final event for the club will be on the 4th December, a time for a little festive cheer, a chance to say good-bye to club and a ensure that names and addresses are recorded to enable further dive trips between groups of friends.

Details of the event can be found here – The Diving Club Festive Farewell

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