So long, and thanks for all the fish

The Diving Club at Christmas

The last ever meeting of the club was held on the 4th December, a chance to meet up a reminisce over the good times and look at a few photos from the last 15 years (sorry no photos from before 2003).

It was great to see over 30 (ex)members come along including some we haven’t seen in a while and Eve didn’t an amazing job as ever organising the pub and the food.

There was mention on the night of organising another get together for Christmas next year, so you never know maybe we shall meet again. We also intend to keep the members@ email address running so you can mail the members when organising dives.

Over the years, many, many people have put a huge amount of effort into the running club, so it is with great sadness that I’m writing this last short newsletter. Other posts elsewhere give some of the reasons why the club is shutting down. For me the club was a welcoming place to socialise and be part of a friendly community as our family transitioned from our previous hobby, so I’d like to say thank you to all that played a part in the fun.

Time say ‘so long’ folks, see you again some day, some when.

The end of the club is nigh

The Diving Club at Christmas

Over the last 25 years and more, The Diving Club of Reading (& Windsor) has provided a companionable place to meet people and go diving. However all good things come to an end, and so it is with the club.

From its formation in the early 90’s The Diving Club welcomed members from all agencies. It was formed by DiveStyle at that time by the then owner and some students. Through much of its life the club had a very active membership with dive trips organised and underwritten by the club happening almost every week-end throughout the diving season.

At its peak just before the financial crash of 2008, the club numbered over 180 members, but with changes in its relationship with DiveStyle and the general reduction in numbers of divers after the crash, the membership numbers reduced substantially.

The membership of the club reached a level in 2018 where the end was inevitable and it was agreed that as an interim stage the club would exist only as guests of Thames Valley Sub Aqua Club (who have kindly allowed us to use their club house for the last few years).

Leading up to the traditional AGM time for the club in 2019, it was been agreed by the caretaker committee and past committee members that the club should be closed down and funds handed over to charity.

The final event for the club will be on the 4th December, a time for a little festive cheer, a chance to say good-bye to club and a ensure that names and addresses are recorded to enable further dive trips between groups of friends.

Details of the event can be found here – The Diving Club Festive Farewell

The Diving Club is changing

Club logo

At the AGM on the 7th November the club agreed that the nature of how the club was run needed to evolve. The membership present at AGM  agreed unanimously the way forward as stated below:

  • The Diving Club becomes a social club only, the club itself will no longer organise dives on behalf of the members.
  • No annual subscription for 2019.  Current members of The Diving Club remain members (unless they no longer wish to do so). Any new members can join with no subscription.The Diving Club will fund the members to become social-only members of Reading BSAC.
  • From January 2019 club night will be changed to the first Thursday of the month. Reading BSAC meet every Thursday and The Diving Club members are welcome to attend any RBSAC club night.
  • The Diving Club assets to remain with the Club for 2019.  Refunds due to members to be paid.Remaining assets will remain dormant with exception of any costs for social events/revised website hosting.
  • Website to be changed to reflect changing nature of Club and to reduce hosting costs.
  • Group email function (  and Facebook page to continue as mechanism for members to contact each other e.g. to arrange personal diving trips, on a friendship basis – not as official Club dives.Club members to review position of Club at end of 2019 at next AGM, date to be confirmed.
  • As the Club will  continue to exist in a new form, it needs a committee to oversee it: Tom Briggs agreed to continue in nominal role as Treasurer as he is signatory for bank account/named person for online banking; Eve McIlmoyle agreed act as Secretary to monitor contacts from website and to send reminders for any specific social events. No other committee roles or tasks will be undertaken. Both offers were seconded and approved by the membership.

In addition we agreed that we will continue with the scheduled Christmas Social Night for The Diving Club Reading on Wednesday 5 December to mark the changed remit of the Club. Similar format to previous years, details to be sent to all members. Club members also offered to host the annual summer barbeque open to The Diving Club and RBSAC members, to be confirmed in 2019.